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Star Trek: Destiny

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Star Trek: Destiny: The Complete Saga: Gods of Night, Mere Mortals, and Lost Souls - David Mack

I haven't read a Star Trek novel in many years, but this trilogy was enough to get me back into them. Two reasons: (1) I want to know what's been happening with my favorite characters in the 24th century, and (2) this story was so good that there have to be other good ST stories being written nowadays, right?


So, it's 16 months after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis -- a few things have happened, like Picard and Dr. Crusher finally getting married (not really a spoiler, because you know they've always wanted each other), Riker romping around the galaxy in a cool ship of his own (the Titan), and Ezri Dax commanding a pretty sweet new model herself. And there are tons of cameos. Anyway, the Borg invade everything, for real this time, and they're serious like never before. It falls to the crews of the Enterprise, the Titan, and the Aventine to save the galaxy. And boy, do they save it -- but in most interesting ways. The whole thing involves a weird alien race called the Caeliar and time-travel / flashbacks having to do with the NX-02 Columbia (the NX-01 Enterprise's sister ship).


It gets complicated, but the plot twists are a joy to witness, and the quality of the writing carries the action on, except for just a few slow spots. On the whole, though, it's pure, classic Trek -- infinite diversity in infinite combinations, live long and prosper, and Qa'pla all wrapped up into a single novel.


BOTTOM LINE -- best Trek novel I've ever read, and now I really really want to read *all* the modern Trek novels.