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Post-Destiny cleanup, part 1 -- Losing the Peace

Losing the Peace - William Leisner

The Federation won the war against the Borg, but trillions died, and dozens of worlds were scarred or outright destroyed. Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E find themselves set on a new mission, to rescue lost refugees and find new places for them to live.


As I was reading this one, the Syrian refugee crisis was unfolding in the news, and it got me thinking of the effects of war on the majority of people involved (those called civilians). Losing the Peace is one of the more contemplative Trek novels, but no less interesting. Leisner does a pretty good job of communicating the inner lives not only of the familiar TNG characters, but even of some of the refugees as well. The scope of the destruction comes across clearly through the particular incidents chronicled here, and one senses readily just how profoundly the Federation has changed as a result of Destiny and will change in the coming novels.