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Post-Destiny cleanup, part 2 -- A Singular Destiny

Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Singular Destiny (Star Trek: All) - Keith R.A. DeCandido

A short review this will be, for time is limited:


- I like the overall direction, from the cleanup after the Borg invasion, to the next threat on the horizon.


- Characterization tends to be good in this one, but there are too many characters for a 400-page novel. More focus on Sonek Pran (a highly likable and interesting character) would have improved the novel.


- I like that the characters are almost all relatively unfamiliar. Ezri Dax is really the only significant character who is familiar from the TV shows, but she is a fun character.


- Also, the Klingon chapters are entertainingly visceral, despite the fact that I never could get a grip on the Kinshaya sequence.