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Enterprise lives!

The Good That Men Do - Michael A. Martin, Andy Mangels

If you like Star Trek: Enterprise and feel that the series finale was a let-down (at best) or an abomination (at worst), you should read this book. Trip's death, such as it is, is given meaning... but to say more than that about Trip would be to spoil one of the more delightful revelations in the Trek lit-verse.


The book isn't all about Trip, though -- Archer goes on a mission with his old frenemy Shran, re-interpreting orders from Starfleet Command (and what good captain wouldn't?), all while the Romulan threat stirs.


If the TV series had neither wasted time on a few pointless story arcs nor been cancelled after only four seasons, we might have gotten to see things like this on screen. Don't cry "alas", though, because if the first Enterprise relaunch novel gives any reliable indication, the Enterprise story only gets better after its TV run.