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ST Voyager: Full Circle

Star Trek: Voyager: Full Circle - Kirsten Beyer

This one is billed as the beginning of the Voyager novels' "relaunch". Well, the Voyager does get launched on a new mission about three-quarters of the way through the book after a whole lot of tying of loose ends from previous Voyager novels.


I have not read those novels. The result was an interesting exercise in filling in the blanks, on my part at least. B'Elanna and Tom Paris have to resolve a situation concerning their daughter and some worshipful Klingons, and this subplot actually ties in well (eventually) with the more interesting plot involving Voyager's direction after the catastrophes of Star Trek: Destiny.  Tuvok's ninja adventure is a nice diversion. Janeway and Chakotay's romance gets a little repetitive from time to time, but at least this leads to Chakotay's conversations with the new ship's counselor, a brusque Englishman who's wiser than he seems -- these exchanges make for some nice highlights. Seven of Nine's travails are a bit angsty and seem to be there mostly to mark time.


So, overall, it's a mixed bag. The plot is scattershot but characterization is good -- the latter is as you should expect from Voyager-maven Kirsten Beyer. I do have hope for the series, though, because the final act of the novel firmly establishes where the Voyager-story is headed, and it's got a lot of promise. So I'll be reading the next entry, Unworthy, pretty soon.